Hand Anatomy: An Engineering Triumph


Orthopaedic hand surgeon Gregg Vagner explains the incredibly complex anatomy of the hand. With multiple bones and joints, your hand requires expertise and talent to address fractures, tendonitis, and other concerns. Dr. Vagner is a double board-certified surgeon with experience handling varied concerns up to Level 1 trauma injuries.

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The hand is incredibly engineered. So much so, that it's very hard to depict this in a hand model. To give you an idea, there are 27 bones connected to 29 joints. The carpal bones make up the lower palm. The metacarpal bones make up the upper palm. We also have many small bones of the fingers that we call phalanges. We also have 18 muscle tendon units of the forearm that cross the wrist and affect the hand in the wrist, and 17 that begin and end in the hand itself. On top of that, the hand has over 45 named nerves and 30 named arteries. As you can see, the hand is incredibly complex.

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"I am committed to using experience, along with the latest techniques and technologies, to help my patients achieve the full function, mobility, and comfort in their hand, wrist, and arm that they experienced prior to their injury."

Dr. Gregg Vagner


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